Thursday, April 1, 2010

American History X

  • Genre : Drama
  • Written By : David McKenna
  • Directed By : Tony Kaye
  • Release Date : October 30, 1998
  • Running Time : 117 Minutes
Edward Norton, Edward Furlong, Beverly D'Angelo, Avery Brooks, Stacy Keach, and Elliott Gould

Edward Norton gives an impassioned performance as Derek Vinyard, a Southern Californian skinhead who must do time after committing a hateful murder. Once in jail, his mind opens and he sees the error of his ways. Upon reentering the real world, he must now turn his attentions to his younger brother Danny, who is swiftly heading down the same path as his brother.

My Review
I really loved the movie not just because of the violence but the way the movie showed how Derek was repenting for his past errors.
Edward Norton surely did a fantastic job in portraying Derek Vinyard. Seeing how his character changes in the movie was surely great.
Furthermore how his past errors had twisted not his own life but even his family, mainly his younger brother, whom he has to correct after repenting.

  • A great movie you will not regret watching
  • With Edward Norton's performance in the movie, you will be blown away

Rating : 4/5


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