Friday, April 2, 2010

Blue Streak

  • Genre : Comedy
  • Written By : Michael Berry, John Blumenthal, Stephen Carpenter
  • Directed By : Les Mayfield
  • Release Date : September 17, 1999
  • Running Time : 93 Minutes
Martin Lawrence, Luke Wilson, Peter Greene, Dave Chappelle, Nicole Ari Parker, Graham Beckel, and Robert Miranda

Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence) is a jewel thief who, along with some accomplices, steals a $17 million diamond in Los Angeles. Things go awry during the robbery when one accomplice wants the diamond all for himself and Logan has to hide the diamond at a construction site. Logan is arrested and spends two years in prison. After serving time, Logan heads back to the spot where he hid the diamond only to find that the construction site was the location of a new police headquarters. Logan scopes the place out by becoming a pizza deliveryman, then poses as a detective transferring from another division. He is teamed up with naive detective Carlson (Luke Wilson) and is sent out on multiple police investigations. As farfetched as his fake resume is, he is promoted to Lead Detective of the Burglary Division. Logan eventually recovers the diamond but the accomplice and Logan's nemesis Deacon (Peter Greene) that helped him steal the diamond is hot on his trail. Logan must continue to fool the police and his former accomplice in order to get away. At the end, Detective Carlson discovers Miles Logan's identity as a criminal posing as an officer. However, he discovers this after a car chase led Logan across the border to Mexico, where he is out of the LAPD's and the FBI's jurisdiction, and also where he claimed that he was actually a Federale. Even though he is only inches over the border, the other detectives feel that they are now friends and let him go.

My Review
The movie is a little surreal but what do you expect from a comedy, so forget about realism and enjoy the show.
Martin Lawrence really did it in this movie, lots of funny moments that is sure to make you roll down laughing.

  • Lots of fun and action
  • Don't think much and just enjoy the show

Rating : 3.5/5


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