Friday, April 2, 2010

The Man In The Iron Mask

  • Genre : Action/Adventure/Drama
  • Written By : Randall Wallace, Alexandre Dumas père (novels)
  • Directed By : Randall Wallace
  • Release Date : March 13, 1998
  • Running Time : 132 Minutes
Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich, Gérard Depardieu, Gabriel Byrne, Edward Atterton, Peter Sarsgaard, and Hugh Laurie

With a cry of "All for one and one for all!" the Musketeers return to correct the injustices perpetrated by spoiled monarch Louis XIV, whose misdeeds include imprisoning his twin brother on an island and encasing his visage in the titular mask. Teen idol DiCaprio assays the dual title role, while writer-director Randall Wallace goes for the jugular with plenty of pomp and pageantry.

My Review
"All for one and one for All" is one of the most memorable lines ever and I have always loved it.
The three musketeers is an all time favourite and with the movie, made me love the musketeers even more.
But the movie had a few downside with the poor use of accents and not enough sword play to be a musketeer movie.
Even so it is still a decent movie.

  • A movie for any musketeer fan
  • "All for one and one for all" means its a movie for all

Rating : 3/5


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