Friday, April 2, 2010

Koizora (Sky of Love)

  • Genre : Romance/Drama
  • Written By : Mika, Mutsuki Watanabe
  • Directed By : Natsuki Imai
  • Release Date : November 2007
  • Running Time : 128 Minutes

Yui Aragaki, Haruma Miura

Koizora tells the story of Mika, living a simple schoolgirl's life and the dramatic transformation that it undergoes when she meets Hiro, a student also at her school who is keen to call her his own. Throughout both adaptations, the unlikely couple struggles to deal with jealous vendetta's from Hiro's ex-girlfriend, Saki, disapproving parents and an unplanned pregnancy. Shortly afterwards, Hiro discovers that his health is deteriorating and makes the painful decision to break up with Mika to keep his terminal illness from causing her pain. As Mika goes on with her life Hiro continues to follow her whereabouts through his highschool friend, Nozumu. Enough times passes that Mika decides to find the courage to move on and to forget Hiro with the help of Yuu, her pleading love interest. Through a chance meeting, Hiro's condition is revealed to Mika and she must make a difficult decision to leave Yuu to go to his bedside. Having Mika back, Hiro is determined to fight his disease and begins to improve. But during a routine checkup, Hiro's condition makes a turn for the worst and he exchanges goodbyes with Mika and his family for the last time. Mika, though forever changed by Hiro's sudden passing, continues to live on in remembrance of his love.

My Review
A typical love story with a bit of a twist at the end.
Watching it was interesting and seeing the love conflict between Mika and Hiro really was moving.
Though it might not be the best love story but it is still a great one.

  • Only for romantic movie viewers
  • Nice story line and plot

Rating : 3/5


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